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Your solution to the daily problems of
lockdown, taxes and endless debt.

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How LifeBoat helps

to Georgia...

Beautiful surroundings and a friendly enviroment. Safe, emerging and with a bright economic future.



Low cost of living and production. Outstanding opportunities for investment, jobs and wealth creation.


Keep more of
your money...

In the country of Georgia, there is 0% tax on foreign income, 0% tax on capital gains, 0% inheritance tax, 0% tax on rental income and 0% tax on dividends.


Why LifeBoat

Based full time in Tbilisi

We are on the ground in Georgia, providing comprehensive tours of the city, the surrounding countryside and investment options to new visitors and prospects.

Customised service

Interested parties from Great Britain and elsewhere should get in touch today via E-Mail, Telegram, Phone or Instagram. Learn more about how LifeBoat can help you escape the system and grow your wealth.

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What we do for you:

  • Introductory conversation
  • Arrange visit to Georgia
  • Personalised tour of Tbilisi and surrounding areas
  • Tours of investment opportunities
  • Tours of lifestyle opportunities
  • Bespoke contact on an ongoing basis
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